Respite In-Home Program

Little City’s Respite In-Home Program is designed to provide temporary relief for caregivers from the ongoing responsibility of caring for an individual of any age with special needs. The goal is to help families keep their loved one in their home environment. Respite seeks to maintain procedures or routines that have already been established in the home, such as behavior management, physical therapy, and personal care. Experienced respite workers provide training in activities of daily living, recreational activities and encouraging socialization.

How Does Respite Work?

Respite is temporary, intermittent care of a person with a developmental disability for the purpose of providing relief to the primary caregiver. Whether the caregiver needs to run errands, respond to an emergency or just needs a mental and physical break, Respite can be used for many reasons. Respite also provides time to be with your spouse or other children or visit with friends and relatives. We know breaks are important when caring for a person with developmental disabilities, which is why Little City’s highly trained Respite workers are available to you.

The number of days and hours a family can use Respite services per month can vary. There is no charge to the family for the program. The program is funded through state agencies, local townships, United Way, corporations, independent donations and local supporting organizations.

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Who are Respite Workers?

Respite workers provide one-to-one care for the client right in their own home. All respite workers are screened through the Department of Children and Family Services, Illinois Police and Illinois Health Care Registry, and possess a variety of skills needed to meet the needs of our clientele.

Little City’s Respite workers are part-time, many of whom hold full-time employment elsewhere. Many Respite workers come from religious organizations, colleges, and schools and many are therapists, special recreation personnel and friends, neighbors and family members who do not reside with the person receiving services.

All families who receive Respite services will meet with the worker before services are provided
and approve the arrangement.

Who can use Respite?

Respite is open to anyone who meets the following qualifications:

– Client must live in Lake or northern Cook counties (there are some exceptions)
– There is no age limit for services
– Client must have a developmental or intellectual disability
– Client must not be harmful to self or others
– Client must be medically stable
– Client and family must be able to benefit from participation in the program

"There are so many capable and caring staff at Little City, past and present, who have helped Clifford. He has made a lot of progress in mastering his behavior."

Colleen, Mother of a child living in a ChildBridge Group Home