Center for Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

The Center for Health and Wellness provides primary medical and oral care, and nutritional and dietary health to individuals with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Health Clinic

Conveniently located on our 56-acre main campus, the Aunt Martha’s Health Center at Little City is the only clinic in Chicagoland to combine elements of a Primary Health Medical Home and a Dental Home in a model specifically designed to respond to the unique needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Oral Health and Community Outreach

With the goal of improving the overall oral health of individuals with disabilities, the Oral Health and Community Outreach Initiative helps Little City residents and individuals in the community become more comfortable when going to the dentist at our Center for Health and Wellness.

Through many visits to our Dental Hygienist’s office or visits in the community, individuals become familiar with the tools, sights, smells and sounds of what to expect during a dental appointment. The dental hygienist also demonstrates proper brushing techniques, discusses nutrition choices for oral health and provides desensitization and acclimation to the instruments used in a dental visit.



Dietary and Nutritional Services

Little City strives to promote a healthy lifestyle to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. At the Center for Health & Wellness, our individuals are nutritionally assessed by a registered dietician to monitor weight, body mass index (BMI), labs, food records and physical activity. Healthy meal plans low in saturated fat, sodium, and refined sugars are provided, including whole grain foods, fresh fruits and vegetables in appropriate serving sizes based on the American Dietetic Association guidelines.


“Little City uses an affirming message – that it’s a good world, there’s a place for my kids in the world and Little City will help them find it.”

Rachel, mother of children receiving home-based support services