Center for the Arts

Little City’s Center for the Arts (CFA) provides children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to explore and expand their unique and creative talents, promoting a sense of accomplishment and empowerment through the arts.

About Center for the Arts

The Center for the Arts at Little City is the result of an evolutionary process that began with the belief that people with developmental disabilities could be taught skills that would lead to full opportunities in the arts.

Each day, professional artists acting as facilitators encourage artists to expand their reach and skills, resulting in art that transcends the disability of the artists who created it.

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Media Arts

The Media Arts Program encourages and supports the creative expression and information skill-building. Through the use of media technology, individuals develop skills in photography and graphic arts. When artists share their digital vision they remove barriers, while becoming active members of the global virtual community.

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Studio Arts

The Studio Arts Program enables participants to explore a full range of art mediums, such as drawing, painting, sculpture and graphic design. Selected works from the Studio Arts Program are showcased at gallery exhibitions and art fairs around the world.

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Share My Kingdom

“Share My Kingdom” is a documentary that delves into the lives and art of three artists with developmental disabilities who emerged from the art studio of Little City. This documentary provides a view into the compelling life histories and the artistic creations of Harold Jeffries, Wayne Mazurek and Luke Tauber. While the three men in the documentary seemingly have the odds stacked against them, they are able to turn their ideas into reality. With no formal art education or training, each of them transforms their vision into artistic works of expression.

Share My Kingdom Artists

Harold Jeffries - Share My Kingdom

Harold Jeffries

Harold Jeffries’ imagery and working methods are an outgrowth of his personal obsessions and inner world. Nearly every piece has a gridwork of lines, forming squares, rectangles, circles and other forms which resemble a vast blueprint.

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Wayne Mazurek

Wayne Mazurek’s art is guided by his passions. Intensely interested in cars, space travel and boats as well as in urban planning and medieval times, he creates art that is almost exclusively devoted to these topics.

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Luke Tauber - Share My Kingdom

Luke Tauber

For the last several years, Luke Tauber’s artistic output has closely reflected a short list of his personal obsessions. He continues to work on a series of projects about classical composers, his deceased family members and Western funeral practices.

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Outsider Art

Outsider Art is work from self-taught artists who aren’t influenced by the mainstream art world. These artists are driven to create work based on their own unique visions. In the act of creating art, what is considered by some to be a disability is transformed into a distinctive viewpoint and an exceptional voice. The staff at the Center for the Arts strives to create a studio environment that equips artists with the tools and the freedom they need to bring their fresh, original insights to fruition in a variety of media.

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"There are so many capable and caring staff at Little City, past and present, who have helped Clifford. He has made a lot of progress in mastering his behavior."

Colleen, Mother of a child living in a ChildBridge Group Home