Planned Giving

Taking care of our loved ones always comes first. We want to make sure that their needs are met by receiving gifts from our estate. It shows our love and reflects our devotion to providing them with a more secure future. As part of our legacy of caring, we also want to leave them with a full understanding of who we are, what we believe, how we would like to be remembered as well as the ultimate impact we want to make on the world.

Leaving a Legacy Gift Doesn't Require Great Wealth

All it takes is your desire to provide support for future generations of individuals with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. This can be accomplished through provisions you make from your own estate plans. While you should consult your attorney and/or financial consultant, your options include:

• Naming Little City as a beneficiary of a specific dollar amount or remaining portion of your estate.
• Contacting your life insurance company to add Little City as a beneficiary to your life insurance proceeds.
• Contacting your provider of your IRA, 401K or other qualified retirement accounts to name Little City as a beneficiary to any savings accounts or CDs.

Are You Concerned About Your Future Income?

Many of our donors find that while they desire to give a substantial gift to leave their legacy at Little City, they are often on fixed incomes and would like a tax advantageous way to make that gift. They also want to receive an income back for either a fixed amount of time or for their entire lifetime. This type of gift is the Little City Charitable Gift Annuity.

The benefits of the Little City Charitable Gift Annuity

• You have the opportunity to make a substantial gift to Little City.
• You can receive a lifetime income
• You can receive an income on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis back to you at a rate based upon your age.
• The rate of return for your gift is higher than you would receive from a bank as a certificate of deposit.
• You receive the full tax benefit of your gift immediately.

A Legacy of Love

Here at Little City, we are committed to providing the best and most appropriate resources to all we serve. We value and appreciate our friends and supporters, and are committed to providing a personalized and confidential approach to help meet your philanthropic goals.

Contact Jayne Drew to learn more.

“Little City uses an affirming message – that it’s a good world, there’s a place for my kids in the world and Little City will help them find it.”

Rachel, mother of children receiving home-based support services