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Little City Youth Finds a Forever Home

At 7-years-old, Little City’s youth Matt* came into the foster care system. His childhood was marked by transient housing, finding refuge in abandoned buildings, periods of homelessness, a lack of education and bearing witness to crime and violence. After coming into the system, Matt lived with eight different foster families. He felt that he didn’t … read more

15,000 youth in Illinois Foster Care system - Little City

The Jones siblings are getting adopted

  Ms. Smith* says for all individuals thinking about fostering, “don’t be afraid, just do it”. She believes if you open up your heart and give it a try, you have the opportunity to change a life. The Jones* siblings – Jenny, Josh, Jessie, and Jamie– have been living with their foster-mother, Ms. Smith for … read more

15,000 youth in Illinois Foster Care system - Little City

A Collaborative Effort Helps a Foster Child Thrive

More often than not, children coming into care with Little City carry with them an arsenal of emotions along with deep-rooted pain from past negative experiences. So, it’s no surprise when these children are reluctant to trust anyone enough to build a healthy relationship. However, with patience, consistency, and a commitment to care and support … read more

Marcy’s Success Story

Being a teenager can come with many challenges – things such as managing emotions, struggling with social interaction, and even being comfortable within themselves. This was the case for transgender teen, Marcy*, age 19. In such a short life span, Marcy experienced a traumatic past which originally brought her into the care of DCFS. From … read more

Foster parent Charlotte and Dan

Fostering a Teen: A Successful Turnaround

  Little City foster parent, Charlotte, always thought she never wanted to foster teens, just young children. Her mind was changed when Dan* was presented to her. She was told that if Dan did not get into the right home, he might not be able to turn his life around. Before coming to Charlotte’s home, … read more

Foster parents Erin and Josh with Ciara

Teacher Becomes Foster Parent to Student Ciara

Erin, a middle school special education teacher, came home last year and told her boyfriend, Josh, about a special young lady in her class. Ciara* was in foster care and her current foster home wasn’t working out. Erin and Josh, whose mother had grown up in foster care, had always talked about becoming foster parents … read more

Meet Propa

April is Autism Awareness Month. To shine a light on autism, we are featuring someone being directly impacted by our programs. Propa is 19 years old and lives at Little City. She has made tremendous progress in the utilization of her coping skills, her functional communication, socialization and independence. Due to these successes, Propa is … read more

The Winters Are Reunited!

The Winters family is back home and together again. Through nearly three years of hard work and perseverance, Aaron was able to receive custody of her two children, Kyania and Dayshawn, and are now living together with their youngest sibling, Omarion. Aaron is a dedicated, full-time, loving mom. When her children were brought to Little … read more

Tony, Jr. and Tony, Sr. Have Much To Celebrate

Both Tony, Sr. and Tony, Jr. have much to celebrate this year. Not only do they share the same birthday, but they got the best present they could have wanted – to become a family again. “Getting him home was a good feeling. It brought a lot of joy to me, to see him know … read more

Latisha & Tarik’s Success Story

Latisha recalls the overpowering feeling of failure that consumed her the day her son Tarik, then four years old, entered the child welfare system. “I felt like ‘it’s happening all over again,’” she said. Latisha herself had grown up in foster care, moving around a lot between different foster families. She had never truly developed … read more

Angela & Troy

“If it weren’t for Little City, I would not have met and adopted my son,” Angela’s face beamed as she spoke of her love for a child that was once a ward of the state. When Angela was first saw Troy, she took one look and said “that is my child.” Angela always wanted be … read more

Linda & Daniel’s Success Story

At the young age of three, Daniel* was placed in a new foster home. As many three year olds may feel in this situation, Daniel was consumed with fear and uncertainty as he entered the home of his new foster parent, Linda, last Spring. Unlike Daniel, Linda* was filled with excitement and could not wait … read more

"There are so many capable and caring staff at Little City, past and present, who have helped Clifford. He has made a lot of progress in mastering his behavior."

Colleen, Mother of a child living in a ChildBridge Group Home