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Little City Special Olympics Set Gold Standard

It would not be a stretch to call Kevin the most powerful Special Olympian in Illinois. After all, he recorded the heaviest deadlift in the state this year at 450 pounds. But his power doesn’t just come from brute strength. His power comes from the process. “These guys work hard all year,” said Tim Lahart, … read more

Ballyhoo Brigade How it All Started

Outcomes, indicators, indicators, outcomes and the drumbeat goes on and on and nothing ever gets done. One of the silliest uses of the word outcome is when it gets confused with the word goal. When people ask me what are the outcomes for something before it happens, I scratch my head and say I’ll tell … read more

2018 Powerlifting: The Process and the Journey

The following is written by Little City Special Olympics coach Tim Lahart I recently saw an interview with an old teammate and coach of mine, Sam Barber, on the FloWrestling website. You know you’ve made it when Flo interviews you. Sam Barber, was dealing with a dilemma. He had a returning national champion who had … read more

Little City’s Bocce team rolling to gold

When people think of Special Olympics, they often think of the amazing feats of strength seen in powerlifting, overcoming exhaustion and pain in track and field and pushing hard to set records in a swimming pool. But what is often forgotten is the sport that puts the game in Summer Games. Little City will look … read more

Track and Field Team ready to bring perfect storm to Summer Games

There’s a storm coming to Little City’s Special Olympics team and Nick and Michelle are bringing the thunder and lightning. The dynamic duo is attempting to make a breakthrough for Little City and bring home a pair of gold medals in track and field from the 2018 Illinois Special Olympics Summer Games. Gold medals and … read more

Tim Lahart Named Team Illinois Special Olympics Coach

  Tim Lahart got his first taste of Special Olympics coaching when he was 12 years old. Thirty years later, a childhood dream has come true as he has been named the head coach for the Illinois powerlifting team at the Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle. “It means a lot,” Tim said. “This is … read more

Little City Special Olympics Team Coach Stephanie

Outstanding Team Series: Coach Stephanie Darnell

Behind every championship team is a group of a committed and talented coaches ready to lead the way. Little City’s Special Olympics team is no different. After Little City won the 2017 Kevin T. Kendrigan Most Outstanding Team, those in charge of selecting the winner quickly pointed to Little City’s coaching staff as a key … read more

Ciara Craig with Gold medal

Outstanding Team Series: Special Olympian Ciara Craig

Ciara Craig’s legs are strapped to a bench. She’s staring straight up at a metal bar, drawing deep breaths, preparing for a struggle. There’s no place she’d rather be. “Start!” Ciara hears the command from her coach and becomes a weight lifting machine. She brings the 65 pounds of metal down to her chest. “Press!” … read more

Little City Special Olympics Team

Special Olympians Win Big

For Ciara Craig, a gold medal is not a symbol of some ultimate achievement, but a reminder she can do more than she did before with hard work and determination. Craig was one of 27 Little City athletes who competed in the Illinois Special Olympics last June and helped earn a combined 42 medals spanning … read more

"There are so many capable and caring staff at Little City, past and present, who have helped Clifford. He has made a lot of progress in mastering his behavior."

Colleen, Mother of a child living in a ChildBridge Group Home