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Foster parents Erin and Josh with Ciara

Teacher Becomes Foster Parent to Student Ciara

Erin, a middle school special education teacher, came home last year and told her boyfriend, Josh, about a special young lady in her class. Ciara* was in foster care and her current foster home wasn’t working out. Erin and Josh, whose mother had grown up in foster care, had always talked about becoming foster parents … read more

Foster care and adoptions bring two sets of siblings together

Chicagoan Angela Gooden and her sister Annette Dorsey, who have combined forces to allow foster siblings to remain connected, plan to adopt the youth on Friday, the day before National Adoption Day. Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich, who devoted her Sunday column to National Adoption Day, tells the story of the middle-aged sisters and the foster children they intend to adopt. “If … read more

The Winters Are Reunited!

The Winters family is back home and together again. Through nearly three years of hard work and perseverance, Aaron was able to receive custody of her two children, Kyania and Dayshawn, and are now living together with their youngest sibling, Omarion. Aaron is a dedicated, full-time, loving mom. When her children were brought to Little … read more

Tony, Jr. and Tony, Sr. Have Much To Celebrate

Both Tony, Sr. and Tony, Jr. have much to celebrate this year. Not only do they share the same birthday, but they got the best present they could have wanted – to become a family again. “Getting him home was a good feeling. It brought a lot of joy to me, to see him know … read more

Latisha & Tarik’s Success Story

Latisha recalls the overpowering feeling of failure that consumed her the day her son Tarik, then four years old, entered the child welfare system. “I felt like ‘it’s happening all over again,’” she said. Latisha herself had grown up in foster care, moving around a lot between different foster families. She had never truly developed … read more

Angela & Troy

“If it weren’t for Little City, I would not have met and adopted my son,” Angela’s face beamed as she spoke of her love for a child that was once a ward of the state. When Angela was first saw Troy, she took one look and said “that is my child.” Angela always wanted be … read more

Linda & Daniel’s Success Story

At the young age of three, Daniel* was placed in a new foster home. As many three year olds may feel in this situation, Daniel was consumed with fear and uncertainty as he entered the home of his new foster parent, Linda, last Spring. Unlike Daniel, Linda* was filled with excitement and could not wait … read more

Anthony’s Forever Family

Over the past 13 years, Betty Starks has fostered 17 children with special needs from diverse racial, ethnical, cultural and religious backgrounds through Little City and has adopted two of those children. According to Betty, sincerity, compassion and humor are just some of the qualities she has witnessed among children within the foster care system. … read more

Tony & Glen’s Family

“Being a foster parent is a lot more rewarding than I expected. It truly changes your life,” said Tony. “Fostering is a great opportunity to see how having a child in your home works.”  As loving and committed partners for more than 17 years, Tony and Glen made the decision to adopt after fostering for … read more

Jeffery & Kayla’s Story

It has often been said that no victory comes without its challenges. With foster care being no exception, the transition into a new foster home may bring about some challenges. However, the growth and loving bond that develops between the youth and foster family is one that makes all the efforts worthwhile. As was the … read more

Dedication to Little City’s Mission

When it comes to placing a child, the search for the appropriate foster home can be a strenuous or even impossible task at times, especially in the case of emergency placements. Despite all the struggles, with the support of a dedicated foster care team, even the impossible is possible. After being removed from his mother’s … read more

Milton & Patrick’s Story

For many children in the Illinois’ foster care system, turning 21 is means one thing: homelessness. Within the state of Illinois, all state services previously provided to youth in the child welfare system end at the age of 21. Although Illinois is one of the 16 states that have extended the age from 18 to … read more

“Little City uses an affirming message – that it’s a good world, there’s a place for my kids in the world and Little City will help them find it.”

Rachel, mother of children receiving home-based support services