15,000 youth in Illinois Foster Care system - Little City

A Collaborative Effort Helps a Foster Child Thrive

More often than not, children coming into care with Little City carry with them an arsenal of emotions along with deep-rooted pain from past negative experiences. So, it’s no surprise when these children are reluctant to trust anyone enough to build a healthy relationship. However, with patience, consistency, and a commitment to care and support … read more

Jonathan Clark Green honored

PFG Raises Money for Equine Therapy

The Little City Parent/Family/Guardian Group made some birdies for horses at their annual golf outing, raising thousands of dollars for Little City residents to participate in 10 weeks of equine therapy. This past June, the 28th annual PFG Golf Outing once again took place at Highland Woods Golf Course in Hoffman Estates. Golfers enjoyed a … read more

Foster Team Makes Graduation Dream Come True

  If it takes a village to raise a child, it certainly helps for the village to have a Chikiya “CeCe” Jones. Chikiya, a family stabilization specialist at Little City, plays an essential role in the foster care program, making sure children adjust to their new families, stay on track and are equipped for the … read more

First High School Students Graduate from Day School

Little City ChildBridge Center for Education made history during the 2017 graduation as the first ever high school graduates were honored on June 2. Zachariah and Lizelle became the first two high school students to graduate the ChildBridge Center for Education and will now move on to recreational and employment opportunities outside of Little City. … read more

Icebreakers Break Barriers with Advocacy

Robbie and Kevin were more than 200 miles from their homes at Little City, but they had never been as connected to Little City as they were on that May afternoon. The two longtime Little City residents were in Springfield fighting for the causes they believed in with three of their fellow residents. They visited … read more

It’s a Wrap: Lori Couvé

Lori Couvé can change how people see autism with just her pencil. For more than 40 years, Lori has used blank canvases to create beautiful works of art that have been featured everywhere from the University of California-Long Beach to the Chicago Cultural Center and even by the Chicago Bulls. From an early age, it … read more

Participants in the LifePath Culinary and Kitchen Arts Program

A Cut Above the Rest

The tablecloth was immaculate. The glass was set on the correct side of the plate. The forks were in perfect order. Jeff Aiken had set a table for a banquet. But he did much more than set a table. He set himself up for new and exciting opportunities as part of the first-ever graduating class … read more

Little City Special Olympics Team Coach Stephanie

Outstanding Team Series: Coach Stephanie Darnell

Behind every championship team is a group of a committed and talented coaches ready to lead the way. Little City’s Special Olympics team is no different. After Little City won the 2017 Kevin T. Kendrigan Most Outstanding Team, those in charge of selecting the winner quickly pointed to Little City’s coaching staff as a key … read more

Nadia and her adoptive family with Judge Susan Fox Gillis

Little City Adoption Specialist Makes Families a Reality

You could say that Jordan Sigunick pulled off a miracle. The Little City child welfare specialist had a group of three siblings that were going to be adopted by three adult sisters who all lived next to each other and would create the perfect support system by keeping the siblings near each other. But there … read more

Ciara Craig with Gold medal

Outstanding Team Series: Special Olympian Ciara Craig

Ciara Craig’s legs are strapped to a bench. She’s staring straight up at a metal bar, drawing deep breaths, preparing for a struggle. There’s no place she’d rather be. “Start!” Ciara hears the command from her coach and becomes a weight lifting machine. She brings the 65 pounds of metal down to her chest. “Press!” … read more

“Little City uses an affirming message – that it’s a good world, there’s a place for my kids in the world and Little City will help them find it.”

Rachel, mother of children receiving home-based support services