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Little City Youth Finds a Forever Home

At 7-years-old, Little City’s youth Matt* came into the foster care system. His childhood was marked by transient housing, finding refuge in abandoned buildings, periods of homelessness, a lack of education and bearing witness to crime and violence. After coming into the system, Matt lived with eight different foster families. He felt that he didn’t … read more

2018 Powerlifting: The Process and the Journey

The following is written by Little City Special Olympics coach Tim Lahart I recently saw an interview with an old teammate and coach of mine, Sam Barber, on the FloWrestling website. You know you’ve made it when Flo interviews you. Sam Barber, was dealing with a dilemma. He had a returning national champion who had … read more

Little City and “Together for Choice” unite in DC

Washington D.C. welcomed Little City and other members of “Together for Choice” on Nov. 8th for Illinois Day on Capitol Hill. “Together for Choice” is a national advocacy organization with a mission to protect and advance the rights of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live, work, and thrive in communities and settings of … read more

Recipe for Success 2017

Former Countryside’s Culinary Classic is a Success for Little City

Little City cooked up a delightful evening of delicacies for the 12th annual Recipe for Success to benefit people with developmental disabilities. The longtime Countryside culinary classic debuted under the Little City name on March 27 at the Meadows Club in Rolling Meadows to great success, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars to support … read more

IlliniCare Health donates to Little City

IlliniCare Health boosts Little City’s Oral Health Care program

Little City is grateful for a $4,250 donation from IlliniCare Health that will continue a mutually beneficial partnership to provide the best oral healthcare possible for people with autism and developmental disabilities. Through donations such as the gift from IlliniCare, Little City’s dental specialist Debbi Viger is able to offer these training sessions free of … read more

Astellas helps Little City ‘Change Tomorrow’

Nicole Sasanuma knew the mosaic she was helping make for Little City’s Center for the Arts was much more than an art project. Nicole, one of roughly 150 volunteers from Astellas who came to Little City during her company’s “Changing Tomorrow Day,” has a cousin with Down syndrome and knows how helpful a place like … read more


LITTLE CITY HAS BEEN IN THE NEWS. WE’RE ALSO AT THE FOREFRONT OF POSITIVE CHANGE. Some might expect that the recent news media accounts broadcasting the extremely devastating and horrific actions of a few former staff would dampen our advocacy and temporarily silence our voice.  We cannot and will not allow the wanton and reckless acts … read more

Eric Priebe

In Memoriam: Eric Priebe

  Little City lost one of its bright lights on Nov. 28, 2016, when longtime resident Eric Priebe passed away at 46 years old. The following is a portion of a memoir from Rosellen Monter, one of Eric’s dear friends: Eric came to Little City in July 1982, 12 years after his premature twin birth … read more

Holiday Parties a Hit at Little City

Every year Little City hosts holiday parties for its Children’s, Adults and Foster Care & Adoption program participants. This year, the season kicked off with the Foster Care & Adoption program holiday party held Dec. 10 at the Faith United Methodist Church in Dolton, IL. Attendees enjoyed a buffet-style lunch with an opportunity to take … read more

Marcy’s Success Story

Being a teenager can come with many challenges – things such as managing emotions, struggling with social interaction, and even being comfortable within themselves. This was the case for transgender teen, Marcy*, age 19. In such a short life span, Marcy experienced a traumatic past which originally brought her into the care of DCFS. From … read more

Foster parent Charlotte and Dan

Fostering a Teen: A Successful Turnaround

  Little City foster parent, Charlotte, always thought she never wanted to foster teens, just young children. Her mind was changed when Dan* was presented to her. She was told that if Dan did not get into the right home, he might not be able to turn his life around. Before coming to Charlotte’s home, … read more

“Little City uses an affirming message – that it’s a good world, there’s a place for my kids in the world and Little City will help them find it.”

Rachel, mother of children receiving home-based support services