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Little City Begins Celebration of its Historic 60th Anniversary

Beloved resident Jerry Rose has lived at Little City for nearly all of its 60 years.

The year 2019 will be monumental for Little City as the organization celebrates 60 years of service to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

While the milestone will be marked in style at the 2019 Annual Gala on Saturday, April 13 at the Drake Hotel, the entire year will be an opportunity to reflect on past successes and prepare for a future that is sure to promise new and exciting developments in helping the people we serve reach their fullest potential.

Started in 1959, Little City was initially envisioned as a way to care for people with developmental disabilities as they entered adulthood and their caretakers grew older. At a time when little was known about developmental disabilities, Little City quickly became not only a place with the highest quality care, but a community that was on the forefront of unlocking the many talents and potential of all who came through its doors.

The support for Little City’s mission was evident from the first day and has only grown over the last 60 years from that initial dream of a group of families looking to provide a safe and nurturing home for their loved ones. Little City’s programs have become some of the best in the nation including a dynamic residential program with on- and off-campus housing, employee development including dedicated centers in Schaumburg and Waukegan, an internationally recognized Center for the Arts and arguably one of the best Special Olympics team in the state.

The amazing support over the decades has also allowed Little City to be a leader in providing programs for children with developmental disabilities. From the state-of-the-art Duffey Family Children’s Village to the cutting edge ChildBridge Center for Education, children at Little City today are getting a head start on reaching new heights never thought possible even a few years ago.

As we prepare to celebrate 60 years of Little City in 2019, we want to celebrate you, the donor, supporter and author of Little City’s rich history. Without the support of countless donors over the last 60 years, Little City would not be what it is today. We hope to see you at the 2019 Annual Dinner Gala to celebrate and prepare for a bright future.

"There are so many capable and caring staff at Little City, past and present, who have helped Clifford. He has made a lot of progress in mastering his behavior."

Colleen, Mother of a child living in a ChildBridge Group Home