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Hops for Humanity Donates Nearly $10,000 to Little City

There are many different ways to support Little City whether it is volunteering on campus, attending a special event or making a donation. The list of ways to support Little City got a little longer as drinking beer just made a big difference.

Hops for Humanity recently donated nearly $10,000 to Little City as part of its quarterly event to support local charities. Little city was selected after Hops for Humanity member Dr. John Jevitz proposed Little City as a potential recipient and ultimately beat out two other nominated charities for the generous $9,700 donation.

Dr. Jevitz expressed his gratitude to Little City for all the important work they do that helps a vulnerable population. Without the support of Dr. Jevitz, Hops for Humanity would not have made the generous donation they provided.

Hops for Humanity was started in 2014 by a craft beer brewer looking to give back to the community. Four times a year, Hops for Humanity members attend events at local restaurants and pubs and donate $100 each for the opportunity to enjoy beers that are not available or extremely rare to find at stores or restaurants. Members then listen to three presentations for charities nominated by members before voting on which charity will receive the money raised from the event.

Little City is only one of 12 charities that have received donations from Hops for Humanity, which has given more than $132,000 combined.

Little City Executive Director Shar Jeffers attended the Hops for Humanity April event at Manny’s Ale House in Elmhurst to receive the donation and thank the members for their generosity.

“To have supporters like Dr. Jevitz who take the time to nominate Little City as a worthy recipient for a cause like this is truly amazing,” Jeffers said. “We are so grateful for John and are honored the members of Hops for Humanity saw the value in Little City’s mission.”

Little City raises its glass to Hops for Humanity for its tremendous support. For more information on the Hops for Humanity organization, visit www.hopsforhumanity.org.

“Little City uses an affirming message – that it’s a good world, there’s a place for my kids in the world and Little City will help them find it.”

Rachel, mother of children receiving home-based support services