Little City Supporters and Used Book Sale Loyalists,

Several years ago, Little City adopted the highly acclaimed and revered Brandeis Used Book Sale.  In 1958, it was the first used book sale in the nation appropriately entitled, "New Books for Old,"—an innovative approach to raising money.

This new approach to fundraising also delivered numerous benefits including the encouragement of recycling, re-use, and of course, reading.

When Little City “took the reins,” continuing to host the event at Old Orchard Mall in Skokie, the organization managed to grow attendance to more than 8,000 visitors grossing more than $200,000 with 200,000 used books at its peak.

Today however, with the transformation of tablets and the like, the market and the industry has dramatically changed.  Through the majority of the years, the “Largest Used Book Sale of the Midwest” served Little City’s fundraising efforts well and Little City is grateful to thousands of loyal volunteers and customers spanning the region.

Very recently, Little City identified a partnership with a third-party retail book seller that established a more efficient and effective fundraising model as it relates to used book donations.

As such, Little City still gratefully receives book donations but will no longer host a large-scale, public event.

We will continue to happily accept book donations since all donations to Little City advance our very important mission to ensure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are provided with the best options and opportunities to live safely, work productively, explore creatively and learn continuously throughout their lifetime.

We truly appreciate your support of the Book Fair over the years and we hope you remain a friend of Little City!

For large book donations, please contact Wayne Frederickson at

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